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          Valve Leader Yuanda Valves
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          Thermoelectric power is the leading industry concerning the national welfares and the people’s livelihood. Yuanda Valve Group has gained the network access license for qualified suppliers of the five big power groups, that is, China Guodian Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Huanneng Corporation, China Datang Corporation and China Power. It provides support in aspect of products for the construction of the 600 thousand KW supercritical unit power plant, 300 thousand KW thermoelectric cogeneration project, gangue power generation, biomass power generation and urban centralized heating projects, etc.

          • Datang Jinzhon Thermal Power 2*300 units of Central Heating Project
          • State Power Zhumadian Unit 2*330MW Thermal Co.,Ltd.
          • Datang Power Gemeration Co.,Ltd . Lueyang 1*300MW technical transformation project
          • BeiJing China Energy Electric Power Corporation
          • Jinan Pyroelectricity Ltd.

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